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York Fabrica LimestoneThere are many different types of stone countertops that are offered on the market. One of the most popular nowadays is limestone. In the past couple of years, limestone has become an increasingly popular material to use in home countertops for many reasons. However, as with any type of home renovation, there are both pros and cons to having a limestone countertop installed in your home.

One of the biggest advantages to the limestone countertop is that there is an incredible amount of adaptability to this stone. The deluxe appearance of limestone makes it a popular installation for kitchens and bathrooms. Many home designers, as well as potential home buyers, find limestone to be a very sophisticated building material and the presence of it in your home can only help the sale.

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In terms of the stone itself, limestone is highly durable. Limestone countertops have an incredible amount of heat resistance and are known for being very sturdy. Limestone bears a remarkable resemblance to marble-another reason it is so well liked. The natural colour is typically a white or other sandy like colours. The colour of limestone makes it highly popular for professional chefs and other serious cooks. This is because the natural colour of limestone looks particularly good with the stainless steel features of professional grade kitchenware. Another reason many people choose to buy limestone for their countertops is because of the unique origin of limestone.

The stone is made over time from shells and fossils and is shaped by sand and aquatic life. Because of its origin many people choose limestone as their stone countertop due to the fact that it has a unique story and many homeowners value that origin. Despite the aesthetic pros of limestone countertops, there are several disadvantages of limestone that need to be considered before you purchase it. One such disadvantage is that limestone is fairly fragile compared to granite countertops. In fact, limestone is known for being extremely easy to scratch. This is because limestone-like it’s more expensive look-a-like: marble-is a pliable stone. Also, since the stone is so pliable limestone is easily discoloured, grazed, or otherwise etched.

Material Care

We recommend applying sealant once every year, and cleaning with water or a cleanser specifically manufactured for natural stone.

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