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After Installation

After Installation


Please take the time to read the following instructions. These are crucial to the quality of the installation and must be followed.

  • Do not place any items on, or use your counter tops for at least 12 hours after the installation has been completed. The adhesive and epoxy need this time to cure sufficiently to ensure your tops and joints remain level and square. Natural stone tops also need this time to allow the sealant applied by our installers to dry properly.
  • Do not connect the drain for 24 hours after the installation of your undermount sink. The sink mounting adhesives require this time to properly cure, and the stress from connecting the drain too early may weaken the bond on the sink.
  • Any garbage disposals must be properly supported by the cabinets, and not suspended from the sink. The weight and vibrations from the motor will risk breaking the bonds used to fix the sink to the underside of the counters.
  • Please remember that final balances are due upon installation. Please do not hesitate to contact your project manager with any questions or concerns.
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