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York Fabrica - Toronto, Ontario



We use advanced tools to cut and build amazing products.

Our showroom displays samples of granite, marble, limestone & quartz to help you select the perfect material for your kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace. Please call ahead for an appointment so that we can set aside the time to assist you in making your selection.

Browse our extensive stock of slabs, and even put specific slabs on hold for your project. Once your project has been measured, the material is cut from approved shop drawings using our multiple overhead bridge saws and/or our CNC machines. The blades and bits used contain diamond chips that actually cut the stone. On the MOHL scale of hardness, marble is a 3, steel a 6, granite a 7 and diamond is a 10. Water acts as a lubricant and keeps the material and bits cool.


Our water-jet cutter allows us to do highly detailed work including inlays. We are also able to cut built up edges that match the radius of curved areas. This means fewer joints in the edges & a much cleaner look on your finished product. A water-jet uses garnet granules carried by water at high speed to cut through granite, marble or quartz with ease.

Some layouts go directly from the saws to be worked manually on the benches. Edges are glued up, profiles milled on and edges are polished with 8 levels of diamond polishing pads. Even work cut and polished on the CNC machines are hand finished on the benches. Finished counters are held on carts until they are ready to be sent out with installation crews.

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