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Statuario Marble

Statuario Marble

York Fabrica Statuario Marble

The statuario marble is a first-rate white marble from Italy that is used today on numerous high-standard and exclusive projects. The statuario marble is indicative the wealth, always tantamount with luxury—so why not add something luxurious to your project? One of the first to bring this fine-looking stone to a wider audience was Michelangelo.

This white marble is quarried in Italy, together with other major white marbles such as the Carrara White. Italy has a long history in terms of white marble mining and the statuario received a solid reputation in past decades. Today it is a type of marble that has very restricted availability, but a considerably large demand. It is a very select and luxurious type of marble, which is mostly used in 5-star hotels and applications with high budgets. This is a kind of marble not within all means, being mostly used on smaller private projects.

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